A hero tomorrow

27th February 2022 By Edward Middle Sense News

I don’t yet know how this war will go and I know that propaganda is a real force, all I know is this, a year from now we will be doing a case study on this man, every newspaper will be hailing a name that as of yesterday we could not even pronounce, as a war hero. 

Volodymyr Zelensky is going to be known as a man who through social media changed the worlds view of Ukraine. I was sharing with my friends yesterday, I’ve never seen TikTok posts on war! Never before has the record of history been more closely surveilled for accuracy and accountability than it is in this mobile phone savvy generation. 

Smart people are being vastly displaced by an army of smart phones held by ordinary people. Social media has forced both past and present to occupy a hyper present where the narrative is being taken away from mainstream media power brokers and given to every day people to be custodians of. I’ve often said, whoever owns the narrative owns the nation. Perhaps we can all take a note from Ukraine’s president and start to take back our own nations by not leaving it in the hands of our ‘too big to fail’ news outlets who have become more beholden to their advertisers than to those who entrust them to tell the news and not ‘the narrative.’ Many people think that God is scoring Nations success by who and who isn’t corrupt or evil. 

God has always worked through David’s as strongly as he has worked through Nebuchadnezzar’s! Sometimes to save a Nation you need to stop just praying for Pharaoh and start praying for a Joseph! #selah