Woman is power. She may agree she is weak. But where the strength of a man ceases, that’s where her strength begins. 

I recently watched the very inspiring movie by one of Nigeria’s finest actor and filmmaker, Omoni Oboli, “Love is War”. Late watcher, I know.

One thing that made the movie really stand out for me was how it aroused different emotions in my heart about the woman. There was this rise and fall of love and hate. 

How omoni Oboli did this is amazing because if you know a little about me already, you know I will stand all out for the woman, anytime! 

But it was not entirely so for this movie.

I loved how the woman despite the very unconventional situation around her was bold enough to contest for Governorship position in her husband state’s. 

Haa! In this our Nigeria? She get mind! 

But I gave her my support and shared her on. Go big mama, go go!!

Then I saw her flopped in no time. This woman has become a typical politician now now, desperate at all cost. Na wa o..

I still would love to see her as Governor, but I felt if her husband could do better, then perhaps he should be Governor instead. 

I just always love and would support what’s best, despite my sentiment for the woman. 

But then, it dawn on me, see ehh, our fight is different!

The real fight of the woman in Omoni Oboli’s “Love is War”. BeInspired Show

This is not really about the better candidate, it is about who should be given a chance, whose voice should be heard, and why so? 

Left for me, the woman should be unopposed! And why did I even think the man can do better? Because it’s an old story? Or is that really it? 

Come on! The woman deserves a chance!

If we were to go by her imperfections, the man is not perfect either. 

In case you have not seen the movie, here is a brief:

Omoni Oboli “Love is War” centered on a husband and wife who incidentally became gubernatorial candidates in the husband’s state. Initially, the plan was to help the woman who is more politically ambitious win through the man’s complacency. However, along the line, the man also became ambitious and wanted to win, leading to a tug of war between husband and wife. Movie available on Netflix.

Now, here is why I so much love the movie: that the woman despite all odds and sentiments (as expected, almost all odds were some feminine sentiments), Omoni Oboli starred as Mrs Hankuri Phillips won the election and is made Governor! 

Let the woman rise!!!!!!

Mercy Omoregie

Script Writer