Three Key Aspects of Branding

12th July 2020 By Edward Middle Sense People and Family
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  • Your Brand’s Purpose, Face and Tone

It’s not so simple putting these three together, they are very broad and vital aspect of branding. But let’s see how we can summarize for you!

Your brand’s purpose is the same as your brand’s message. It centres around the solutions you have created, the problems you are helping to solve. It is absolutely important that you gain clarity in this.

What’s your central message? When this is certain, the face and tone of your brand must align with its purpose.

The face involves all necessary virtual including your logo, colour and even fonts that helps your audience connect with your brand’s identity.

All these put together spells out the identity and personality of your brand.


  • Your brand’s online presence

Before the dominance of the digital media, you could hardly build a brand just by yourself, but that’s no longer the case.

Today, with the availability of digital and social media, you have all it takes to build a global brand right from the comfort of your room.

In today’s highly digital world, you can’t talk about branding, excluding the digital media. Website, blogs and social media pages, these are key drivers of branding in today’s world.

Having a website is like building a house for your brand. Trust me, you don’t want to be homeless here. It increases your authenticity and authority, and there are several ways to do that for free.

My usual advocacy is simple: Everyone should have an organized, known, and trusted brand. Do not run your business like a street hawker, with no identity.

Whether it’s a personal or business brand, you have all you need at your disposal. Start building your brand today!


  • Content Development

The internet has caused a lot of disruption in how businesses operate, and content is king of the internet.

Creating and developing great content consistently gives you an edge over your competitors. King control territories, your content helps you gain control.

Your content defines your brand, it is also what helps you drive the needed attention and traffic.

Content writing, video making, infographics and social media post all sums up to help you build that perfect brand.

To develop the best content, three things you must consider: your target audience, your market need, and your brand’s goal. 

You can’t have an online presence and go to sleep, define your brand’s purpose and start creating valuable content that promotes your brand!

Mercy Omoregie

Online Business Consultant

Content Strategist.

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